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Blanco London the lash studio is a well-regarded lash studio offering a range of specialist, high-quality eyelash extensions.

This beautifully unique studio is overlooked and run by multi-award winning lash stylist and trainer Manami, whose in-house team of friendly, professional staff are also award winning bring a wealth of experience to each and every treatment and have worked in salons in central London . 


They continually offer a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere where you can sit back and enjoy an exceptional level of service and eyelash extensions of the highest standard.

Whether you're a lash regular or a first time client, team Blanco will instantly make you feel at ease and with their level of expertise and care you can be sure in the knowledge that your experience will be perfect from start to finish.

Team Blanco Lash Awards History (Former Manami Lash )
London Hair and Beauty Awards 2018 (Highly commended)
London Hair and Beauty Awards 2019 (Highly commended)
Official Make up Award 2019 Finalist 
Regional Winner of Official Make up Award 2019
Overall UK Winner of Official Make up Award 2019
NAIL LASH BROW Award 2020 (Highly commended)
London Hair and Beauty Awards 2021 Finalist 
London Hair and Beauty Awards 2022 Finalist 
Hair and Beauty Award Best 10 in London Lash specialist of the year 2022
Hair and Beauty Award Winner Lash specialist of the year 2023 


Co Director

Founder Co-Director of Blanco London Ltd

Organiser Lash Queen Lash competition Japan 2019

Multi lash Competition winner, published Lash stylist , Lash trainer and competition Judge.

Manami has travelled worldwide for trainings, conferences as well as competitions where she sccussfully gain experiences and won trophies.


1st place in Classic Lash battle London , 2015 , UK

1st place in 3-4D Volume Europe lash 2016, POLAND

3rd place in 5-6D Volume Europe lash  2016,  POLAND

1st place in Nude Look Lash battle  London 2016 UK

3rd place 3-4D Volume Lash battle London 2016 UK

1st place 2-3D Volume The lash game London 2016 UK

Certified Flawless Lashes by Loreta trainer,London trainer 2017

Judge International Eyelash Competition in Taipei,TAIWAN 2017

Judge Lash Battle 2018 Glasgow

Judge, speaker, workshop holder Lash Social UK 2018

Judge Lash Championship Ho chi min city , Vietnam 2018

Award winner Flawless UK mentor of the year UK 2018

Speaker/Judge at Lash Social UK 2018

Speaker Eyelash conference Tokyo 2019 Tokyo, Japan

Judge Eyelash Competition Valencia Spain 2019

Judge Lash university  UK 2019

Judge Look by linn Sweden Award 2019 

Judge Lash championship Spain 2019

Judge The lash game London UK 2019

Judge Tokyo eyelash competition

Speaker Tokyo Eyelash conference 2019

Speaker Sweden Conference

Speaker / Judge artistic league awards 2019 Scotland

Judge Eyelash competition in MEXICO 2020

Speaker Eyelash conference in MEXICO 2020

Webinar Holder at LME 2020 UK 

Conference speaker 

2021 Conference speaker , judge and more



Lash artist  | 

Japanese and English 

Lash extensions 


New Team

Lash artist  |Canary Wharf



Co Director

Founder / Co Director of Blanco London Ltd


Organiser Lash Queen Lash competition Japan 2019

(Speaks English/Japanese)

Master Lash Artist , Award winning Lash stylist

Trainer , Speaker , Judge and Event organiser

Competition awards list 

Competition winner 2018

1st Place in Classic the lash games 2018, London, UK

3rd place in 2D the lash games 2018, London, UK

Best work award from the lash games 2019, London, UK

1st Place in Pre-made volume Lash social UK competition, 2021

Best work award from Lash social UK judge

NALA customer service Nominated 2019 , CANADA

Organiser Lash Queen competition JAPAN 2019

Judge Tokyo Eyelash competition JAPAN 2019

Speaker Tokyo Eyelash conference JAPAN 2019

Judge Eyelash Competition Australia 2020

Lash Queen Competition Organiser 2020



E14 Branch | Lash Artist 

English, Romanian

Lash extensions 

Experienced Fully Qualified eyelash technician.​ Absolutely accurate and skilled lash artist :) 


Coming soon

Lash Artist

Korean and English 

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